Feb 21, 2010

zucchini pasta

had some pasta at the canteen at work last week, seldom eat there anything besides the salads. that day their veggie pasta looked tempting enough for me to try, very good for canteen stantards. so good, in fact, that i went to ask the chef... should have known better than to expect an actual recipe, he just said "well, there's cream, turmeric and spices..." and run back to the kitchen. great, he obviously doesn't believe in spreading the good.

later in the week i was at the grocery store and noticed zucchinis... immediately thought about the pasta dish and deciced to free-fall something similar and got one zucchini, some leek and figured i would have anything else i might need in the pantry.

as i did: whole wheat fusilli, 5% cream, cream cheese (light), turmeric, dried tarragon, chilli powder, some salt and sugar

one medium size zucchini, 10 cm piece of leek (green part is good), from the freezer approx 1 cup broccoli

on a high rimmed frying pan first wilted the leek on it's own on medium high heat, then added the zucchini, sauteed for a minute or two, then added the scant dl of cream that was left in the package, half of the package of cream cheese, turmeric, chilli powder and tarragon and mixed well. once the cream cheese was almost melted added the frozen broccoli and about half a cup of water to thin the sauce out, brought it to a boil and started tasting...

added some more turmeric, then some more. added some more chilli powder and then some more, as was the case with tarragon. it was getting closer to what i had in mind, then added some salt, it helped a bit. suddenly figured out the sauce needed some sugar... there it was. not exactly like at the canteen but very nice anyway

dumped the cooked pasta in the pan

mixed well and had 3 lunches to go. will definitely make this again as there just might be a recipe in there...

it's come to this... can't chop the veggies without the wrist support and latex gloves are enough of a tight fit so that i don't accidentally chop any glove material into veggies...

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