Feb 27, 2010

perfect brownies

on thursday evening, i suddenly got an overwhelming graving for brownies, luckily i had what it needed to bake some. been using martha's recipe for brownies, with few adjustments. have the recipe in a plastic folder for easy cleaning (don't like chocolate stains, or any other stains for that matter, on cookbooks/recipes). finally wrote down the conversions, got tired of trying to figure out what they were

now, doesn't this look delightful? there is no need to see how much butter and chocolate went in, is there?

replaced the light brown sugar (don't think we even have it in finland) with ½ cup regular sugar, ½ cup demerera sugar and 1/2 cup vanilla sugar (store scraped vanilla pods in sugar jar)

will show off my kitchen aid every chance i get. don't think i ever told you how i ended up with this particular color, 'cause it surely isn't what i really, really wanted. anyways, the mixer did all the hard work

used a whole cup of flour and 1½ tsp baking powder

there is something about pecans that just doesn't appeal to me, used hazelnuts instead, rolled them in flour before adding to batter

hot from the oven


ps. confession, it was me, couldn't resist, just wished we'd had some vanilla icecream to go with...

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