Feb 24, 2010

more snow & noodles

yesterday we had another blizzard. not sure why, but i've become to liking blizzards lately... could be that as the mounting snow isn't my problem any more, like it used to be way back when i was still janitoring as a second job. could also be that i have the freedom to coup up indoors and don't really have to go out except the short drive to work.

anyways, there was a bad one yesterday and i decided that i needed (not!) something from the store. even chose the store a good 15 min walk away to make the walk half decent.

the snow is trying to weigh down this pine on my yard at the apt

wished i had a sledge as the hill is quite steep, even though it doesn't seem so in the pic

lovely snow flake on my mitten

all traffic is suffering because of the snow. trains especially aren't doing too well, but, please, don't mention the subject of trains to certain someone as he's bound to flip... he's been taking the train to work lately, or should i say, trying to. there's been cancellations and delays and you never know which it is... wonder how they kept the trains going in the olden days... it's not like snow and freezing temps come as an occasional surprise in our neck of the world

this brave lady was really working it

but had to walk the bike up the hill as the path wasn't ploughed

snowcovered me. really enjoyed my walk, but then again, was properly dressed and kept moving so the cold wasn't bothering me. well, except for my fingers for taking the pics

the maintenance crew have plenty to plough

after a brisk outing a hot and spicy noodle soup was in order. found some noodles with shrimp flavoring in my cupboard, added some broccoli, salmon and sesame oil. very nice

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