Feb 25, 2010

zucchini pasta II

decided to take another shot at mastering the sauce for my zucchini pasta. also, to try and figure out the recipe for it. however, that is proving to be as difficult as it is for me to follow anyone else's recipe...

for some crazy reason i doubled the amount of zucchini, leeks and broccoli and the cream cheese, fortunately i was making this mess in a big pan. here are the spices, turmeric, chilli and tarragon

all mixed in, maybe this should be called the sunny pasta?

now this goes non-vegetarian, i browned some chicken and added that to the mix. also, had a yellow bell pepper in the fridge, chopped that and added to the sunny mix

whole wheat penne

tasted great, after wading in the snow (more on that in my next post). is there now a recipe? well, most probably, and it will be strickly vegetarian, though chicken made the carnivores in us happy. the recipe will follow sometime in the future...

ps. this would have fed eight...

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