Feb 25, 2010

more snow, again

now, if you're sick and tried of winter and snow, read no further, this entry is all white...

yesterday certain someone needed to dig out a path for the sewer truck guys. there was plenty to dig

would have paid to mark the tanks in the autumn... but who knew there would be this much snow?

at least the sewer truck guys can now find the right spot

one word, rabbits

yesterday we headed out for the usual walk with the dog, who would usually be in the lead. only this time plain refused to move. well, i would too if the snow was up to my shoulders... i went ahead and treaded the snow to make the path walkable again. i cleared approx 10 meters, the dog followed reluctantly as it was still too deep for him, we had to turn back

today when i got up (as early as 9.15, might i add) it seemed to become a gorgeous sunny day but by the time i'd had my breakfast it was all grey and foggy. the dog had gone out and on...

the carport

sun came back in the afternoon and i decided i'd give another shot at making the path walkable. put my wellies on, crabbed 2 garden poles (that are used for my peonies in the summer) and used them to poke the ground in front of me to locate the path. when i finally found the right place, there really wasn't that much snow on it

one step aside... kneedeep

by the time i got back to the shack i was sweating like pig on pit... it was a great workout

the dog is now going back and forth to the roof of carport

my apartment in on the second floor... no, there isn't that much snow but a strange formation of snow is piled on my windowsill

won't promise this was the last of snow...

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  1. Well, the dog seems to be having fun!
    I think you have more snow than we do in New York!


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