Feb 13, 2010

pea soup III

rehab is fast approaching... decided to do something about it today, went and got myself a stationary bike. certain someone helped to carry it and assemble it at my apartment. now, i only need to get rid of my super comfy armchair so that the bike would be the only place to sit on in my living room

lent is approaching as well, pea soup belongs to lent. have done it twice before, here and here. this time i got fresh reserves (just don't tell certain someone as i wasn't supposed to buy anything but use what we have...). pea soup is easy to make, just takes a bit of time.

started already yesterday by rinsing 500 gr dried peas, placing them in a pot with 1 liter of water to soak overnight

they did puff up quite a lot. today, to start with, took a bigger pot and poured the peas and water into it, added 1½ liter water, brought to a good boil, after 5 mins peeled the foam off...

...added 500 gr smoked shank and some smoke cured sausage (boar & roe deer)...

... turned down the heat to low and left the pot to simmer for an hour before adding a minced onion and a cubed carrot, left to simmer for another hour...

... after 2 hours turned the heat off, added crushed black pepper and marjoram. had to taste just a bit, eventough it's late... the best pea soup ever, it'll be even better tomorrow when heated

ps. the dog is a beast. we've known that all along but yesterday he did what beasts do... certain someone was way in the woods with the dog when the dog got away and dashed deeper into the woods. then there was a squeal and by the time certain someone got to where the sound was coming from, in hip-deep snow, the dog was doing what beasts do with their catch... the catch being a tiny roe-deer, it wasn't pretty i'm told. game warden was notified, he went to the crime scene later and took care of the carcass. not sure how i should feel about this...

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