Feb 8, 2010

pizza, vol II

i was so blown away by lahey's recipe that i needed to make sure saturday's pizza success wasn't just coincidental. i made some more on sunday... there was no flour left so certain someone made himself usefull and went to get some from our village shop. as a rule, i don't have anything against small businesses or village shops, but it amazes how this shops manages to stay in business as it's very expensive and staff is unfriendly.

anyways, my instructions were to get bread flour. certain someone calls form the shop and says they don't have any. he then listed what they had and i told him to get something that is called 3-grain flour (wheat, rye and oat). it was a bit coarser than i would have hoped but i used it anyway.

this time the dough looked more like a lahey dough, quite wet, and it was easy to mix with wooden spoon. before proofing here

after 2 hrs of proofing here. the dough looks quite wet but was actually very easy to handle with oiled hands

tomatoes, mozzarella, pepperoni and ham, pre-baking

all done

the crust was rather grainy, maybe even better than on the previous batch...

the dog has claimed this chair as his and usually sleeps on it. 3 years ago taking a pic of the dog was almost impossible as he would dive under any table or chair the second he spotted a camera. i got this close on saturday...

well, i guess he wasn't that much into posing for me...

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