Feb 12, 2010


down would be the word to descibe how i'm feeling at the moment. went to see the surgeon about my wrist on tuesday morning. she took a look at my x-rays, said "oh! no wonder you're hurting" and placed me on the list. i have to wait at least 6 more weeks before the operation. yep, i know that's nothing, some people are on the list for 6 months. bet those people aren't going to work on painkillers, still feeling the pain. pain that, how shall i put it, well, isn't making me any nicer as a person.

sorry, had to get that out of my system. could be that someone can't make their surgery and they call me next week on a day's notice... (not really that optimistic...)

anyways, my shift started at noon on tuesday and i had a couple of hours to kill after the doctor's. as a revenge i went to a cafe to have breakfast, croissant and a cappucino are quite ok, right? i think that for someone like me on a morning like that, also a macaroon was in order. might i add that it was the very first macaroon i've ever eaten

not sure if i liked it enough to try and bake some myself

today at the shack i did like i was told to do "dinner from our reserve supplies". dug out frozen broccoli, green beans, snap peas and shrimp, sliced a shallot and a carrot, grated some ginger, cooked some rice noodles and took out these

on a hot pan sauteed the onion, ginger and carrot first, then added the slightly thawed items, threw in some of each of the sauces, mixed well, added the rinsed noodles, mixed again and voila, dinner in 15 mins

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