Feb 7, 2010

lunches to go

as i have appointments before work on monday and tuesday, i wanted to make lunches and/or dinners today to take to work later in the week. i started by cooking some pasta, "some" is an understatement as i cooked the whole 500 gr package...

certain someone had bought some salmon, there were some mushrooms left... what was i going to do but the same old sauce... started by sauteeing onions and mushrooms until onions was wilted, then added 1 tbsp all purpose flour, kept mixing for a minute and then poured in 2 dl of the cooking water from pasta

cooked further for 5 more mins before adding the salmon, 1 dl of cream and a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper, brought to a boil and it was done. got 4 lunches (2 for me, 2 for certain someone). forgot to take a picture of the sauce on pasta...

next dish was going to be a kinda side dish, i'm thinking of adding some feta cheese on mine and eat it like a salad, i'm sure certain someone will add some cottage cheese on his. started by thinly slicing some white cabbage (1 dl). as my wrist didn't enjoy that too much, i took out the mandolin (again) and shredded the carrot and parsnip with that. i should perhaps store it on the counter in order to remember to use it more often

cooked some barley to go with the veggies

while the barley was cooking, took out a frying pan, added 2 tbsp of vegetable oil on it and sauteed ½ dl onion slices (sliced a huge onion to use for everything) and the cabbage on high heat until wilted, then added carrots and parsnip, turned the heat on low and kept mixing for 5 mins. added the juice and grated peel of ½ lemon, generous amount of black pepper and the cooked barley. i might add some sesame oil to it before eating this

as there was plenty of cooked pasta, our lunch today was this: pasta with tuna and red pesto, fast and easy

this is what i got by playing with my camera on friday night as we were finishing off a bottle of asti tosti that we never got to drinking at new year's

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