Oct 17, 2009

nyc, day 4, oct 6th

i had bought us tickets to intrepid over internet to avoid the lines. all well, except we were there bright and early so the line wasn't that bad to begin with

the ship's bell

can you believe they landed in this from the first moon mission??? looks like a tin can...

the amount of food served daily on the ship... i forgot, but it was tons for the 3000 member crew. no wonder they needed industrial size "kitchen aid"

flight deck


certain someone and lockheed A-12 blackbird

wing tip of the above mentioned blackbird

tail view of the same

grumman F-14 tomcat

bell AH-1 cobra

by the time we were done with intrepid it was way past lunch time and we were very hungry. times square and red lobster weren't that far, so there we went

appetizers, i guess they must have a name, i didn't ask, probably crabcake of sort, definitely not diet food!

wood-grilled lobster, shrimp and scallops

lobster tail, shimps in 2 ways

had to take certain someone back to the hotel for a nap after this... went shopping around herald sq, took this on the way back to the hotel right after i met mr & mrs R (from work!) on 6th avenue, i had no idea they were in the city. it really is a small world

went for an evening stroll together later in the evening, and for a "light" snack. the beer might have been enough, the lunch was quite heavy

late night traffic on w 23rd

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