Oct 14, 2009

nyc, day 3, oct 5th

monday started chilly and windy but sunny. we walked the few blocks up from our hotel to this building. every time i've gone there before there's been a very long line, not now, maybe it was us being there bright and early. oh, they've hiked up the tickets from $13 to $20. they have made some improvements but $20 is a bit steep

view down to macy's

so much for anonymity

view to north

this birdy liked to pose for pics

lunch from street cart, his was sweet italian sausage roll

mine was falafel, which was way tastier than any falafel i've tasted before

city of new york has made some changes on broadway around macy's, so much better for pedestrians, looks almost european...

another view of empire state building

certain someone had to take a nap in the afternoon, i headed out and about and found myself at union square green market. this stand had dozen kinds of tomatoes


we met moushi (aunt of A) for dinner at chinese mirch, appetizers: gobi manchurian (cauliflower florets with fresh ginger and garlic) and fried okra pods with smoky chili seasoning and asian vinaigrette

our entrees: crispy szechuan lamb (spicy!!!), chicken manchurian (spicy!!!) and kung pao chicken (spicy!!), everything was very tasty, my poor stomach was suffering, though

soothing dessert of green tea icecream, pecans and fried figs, hmmmm. as i've mentioned, no flash in restaurants

met life tower at night

i had eaten (nothing new) too much and i had to watch 3 episodes of law & order SUV re-runs before being able to go to bed

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