Oct 13, 2009

nyc, day 2, oct 4th

sunday was a very sunny and warm day, almost warmer than summer in finland... we took off from 23rd str station

took the 1 train to south ferry station

and staten island ferry to sail past this

we hopped right back on to manhattan bound ferry, after landing and a snack of tuna sandwiches we visited briefly museum of american indian. it had changed a lot since my last visit, i liked these new costumes

walked on to ground zero, which isn't a big hole in the ground any more. still gives me the chills, though

south street seaport was next. there was indians in america festival going on, this part of fulton str wasn't that crowded

gotta walk the brooklyn bridge

we did, and there's pics to prove it

by the time we got to the brooklyn side and DUMBO, we were quite hungry. we tried my favourite, the water street restaurant, but and although i have nothing agaist live music, we had to turn away at the door, the music was way too loud. sorry, i have always enjoyed my lunches there, and will probably go back next visit, on a weekday. tried another restaurant, bubby's close by, same thing, too loud. am i getting old for wanting to eat my meals in some peace and quiet?

took the train from york str to chelsea and wandered around looking for a decent place to eat in. by this time hunger was starting to take the better of us and having done quite a bit of walking during the day didn't help. we stumbled on outback on west 23rd str. my appetizer: classic blue cheese wedge salad, not that big of a fan of blue cheese, but hey, with crispy bacon anything goes!

my entree, lobster tails with garlic mashed potatoes

he had baby back ribs

i seem to remember we had a few beers as well...after the very late lunch we went shopping, there was a levi's store close by, 2 pairs of jeans came with us. later on stopped at chelsea whole foods for late and light dinner

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