Oct 15, 2009

regular life for change

while we were away there was big and ugly storm at the shack. certain someone's mom was house and dog sitting and had to deal with huge old birch falling down on power lines. fortunaly the falling birch didn't cut the lines, power company guys worked for 4 hours to clear the mess. this stub was left standing

this is where it broke

we'll be getting tons of firewood

since it was such a nice, sunny and crispy autumn day, i decided to "clean" the garden a bit. these were still green but not in their prime any more

took out all the potted plants and washed the planters for next year

don't i have a fancy potting shed? well, the mirror is from a hallway piece of furniture that certain someone didn't want in the house but didn't want to dispose of either...you never know when you might need it, oh yes, you never do

last crop of sage and lovage, these will be dried. i so need to move the lovage to another place, it's getting huge

one of the very few apples in the trees. i just might get a few apple pies out of them

the dog was basking in the sun

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