Oct 18, 2009

teriyaki salmon & getting ready for winter

sometimes i get a graving for eggplant and i do cook with it quite often. what i usually don't get from the shop is fish, the prices are outrageous (and because dad's fish is always fresher). this time there was salmon with very reasonable price, i got some to try with teriyaki marinade.

got these veggies to go with the salmon, and some leek from day before. i had no idea how this would end up, but here's how it started

one famous nigella says you don't have to sweat eggplant before cooking, maybe you don't but i always do. sprinkle generous amount of salt on chopped / sliced eggplant, let sweat for 30 to 45 mins, rinse and dry well

this went into veggie side dish, bell pepper, leek, eggplant, carrot and white onion. my japanese santoku knife, looks great but always makea a blister, annoying!

started with 1 tbsp of rapeseed oil, high heat and sauteed eggplant first by itself (eggplant could soak up as much oil as you pour, that's why i like my non-stick pan). lowered the heat and softened (not browned) the onion before adding carrot

merry mix cooking away (do not like eggplant that's not cooked enough) before peppers and leeks. did add 1dl of water. oh, just realized that forgot to take a pics of the dish when done... cooked the eggplant, onion and carrot mixture for 15mins on medium heat with the water. added pepper and leek to cook for 5 mins more (just to vilt the leek, really). after that 1 tsp chinese chili oil (hot stuff!) and 1 tsp sesame oil (too much spoils everything) for a little asian effect to bind the veggies with the salmon. i wasn't too happy with the bland color of this dish but it sure tasted good

salmon swam in teriyaki marinade (skin side up) for 2 hrs in the fridge

seared flesh side on hot pan, no fat, then turned skin side down and heat to low to continue cooking under cover, added a couple of tbsp of water to pan before lid. (discard the leftover marinade). i was tempted to taste the salmon right out of marinade but resisted (love sushi!). biggest mistake with fish is to overcook it, this came out perfect

certain someone had to work for his lunch, clearing the storm damage from week ago

did my share by storing deck furniture for winter

table and chairs went into this unused barrel sauna (from the link you get the idea what barrel sauna looks like). all nice and cosy inside, hidden from rain, sleet and snow

folded the cover nice and proper, martha would be proud of me...

by the time all this was done i was almost late for work..

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