Oct 23, 2009

2 casseroles & plum tart part II

since i'm going to be working the weekend and the canteen at work doesn't offer any gastronomical deligths on weekends, decided to make 2 casseroles, some for me to take to work, some for certain someone to feed on.

decided on jansson's temptation and chicken & pasta. they say that jansson's temptation in a swedish invention, but they also can't decide which version of it's birth is the correct one... anyway, for this dish you need potatoes, anchovies and cooking cream. do have several electric gadgets but decided to use the mandolin as it was the easiest to take out and easiest to clean (no cuts this time!). started with about 1kg of washed potatoes, didn't peel them (since this seems to be all about easy... and little fiber never hurt you). the potatoes need to be in cold water until ready to put to an oven dish (they'll get brown otherwise, not harmful, just a bit unsightly)

both of these casseroles are very easy to make and adapt to your taste. if you're not into anchovies, use fresh salmon (sliced), not into fish, use minced meat, not into meat, use tofu. get the idea?

for jansson's you'll need approx 1kg of potatoes, 1 can of anchovies, 1 big onion and 3dl of cooking cream (i used 2% cream because this is everyday food, for sunday version i'd use cream with more fat in it) and white pepper to taste. this bakes in 200C oven for approx 50mins (depends on what kind of potatoes you use)

for chicken & pasta you'll need 400gr chicken breast, 8dl pasta (a bit more if the size of pasta is very small), 1 big onion, cooking cream and curry paste. i chopped 2 onions, sauteed them quickly and divided in half when it was time to start mixing the ingredients. this one bakes in 200C oven for just 30 mins since everything is basically cooked.

as neither of these were sunday lunches i didn't use bread crumbs and butter, or grated cheese on top, but you could. didn't add salt to anything at any time, but that's just me, there are very few dishes that i actually used salt when cooking

these went in with chicken & pasta

these with potatoes

buttering the pans (any mild tasting oil can be used instead)

potatoes with quickly sauteed onion and white pepper

anchovies cut up, you could also place the filees on potatoes as they come

first half the potatoes, then anchovies, then rest of potatoes

cooking cream going in, i used the liquid from the anchovy can as well, if you do, don't add any salt at any point as the liquid is very salty

chicken&pasta version, before cream, browned chicken, cooked pasta (use any kind, i used whole wheat), onion mixed and placed in pan

seasoned the cream with store bought curry paste (mine was mild but go as hot as you like, or not)

pans are perfect size to fit both in the oven at the same time

tasters of the chicken & pasta

same of jansson's, with pickled beets, naturally

really liked the rustic plum tart from a couple fo days ago, therefore wanted to test if i could double the success. was baking this at the shack and had all necessary ingredients, but decided to cut down on butter, not a good idea...

you do remember to spoon and level your measures?

used this kind of plums (you could use quite hard ones as well as they will cook and soften in oven)

rolled the dough between parchment and plastic

used the parchment to turn the edges

ready for oven

all done

tried this version with mascarpone and not all in favor of it. tastes great, for sure (added sugar and vanilla extract) but somethings off, will definitely try with vanilla icecream, but my bet is that vanilla flavored whipped cream is best accompaniment

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