Oct 18, 2009

nyc, day 5, oct 7th

got up very early to be on time for the martha show taping on west 26th. got a ticket (certain someone declined for some reason) for the 10 o'clock taping, was told to be there latest 8.30. there are arrangements before the show, and i'm sure they seat people by the color they wear. we were told that we're live (later on, when i arrived at the hotel, low and behold, the show was on tv...) haven't (still) watched the whole show so i'm not sure if i got my 15 seconds of fame

anyways, there are instructions as what and what not to wear (dress to impress), not going to bore you with details of my attire, other than mentioning that i've always worn an orange top for a martha taping (this was my third, in as many years). this was the set for oct 7th show

no video at any times, you can take pics before and after the taping. here's martha answering someone's question after the show (right before she went to yoga). we got 3 freebies: the michelin guide of nyc resturants 2010, october issue of everyday food and laura day's new book how to rule the world from your couch. gave the michelin guide and everyday food to F & A, since they might enjoy them more, haven't started day's book yet, but will tell you how it was after i've done so

while i was at martha, certain someone went (all on his own!) to dan's chelsea guitar to check "the last hole in the wall guitar shop" and got a t-shirt to prove it...

later on in the day, we took the train to 72th str station and central park. this is the dakota, people still gather in front of it

he was there

nyc classic, pretzel with generous amount of salt

you have no idea how amusing this dog was, and well behaved...

him taking mine

me taking his

towards south east corner of central park

towards south west corner of the park

dozens of these poor horses provide amusement for tourists, didn't seem like the horses were enjoying it. don't know, it's a living for many but the animals shouldn't be put do this. it's just plain wrong to make them walk on asphalt for days on end

this wednesday also included a quick tour of midtown, here's st patrick's from inside

rockefeller center. 10 yrs ago i went ice-skating there with A, who had not seen skates in her life (correct if i'm wrong!), we had so much fun then!

both of us in the pic... ocean spray was promoting cranberries at the rockefeller center, we were on opposite sides of their very cute old red truck

cranberries and then some

we also visited chinatown, briefly, on this fine wednesday. i think certain someone didn't quite enjoy this outing, too many people around. these are... dried mushrooms?

dried fish?

street life in chinatown

only a couple of blocks away, little italy

the afternoon was exhausting, so i was told. we went back to the hotel, but i went out and about by myself for a few hours frantic shopping tour in chelsea. had to stop at rickshaw for some dumplings, these were classic pork. we went back on friday before getting a cab to the airport but they weren't open yet, bummer, will have to try again on next trip

wednesday evening we went to A & F's new apartment for dinner. F deals with wine so we got some tasters. we liked laetitia pinot noir arroyo grande valley, drank the whole bottle, i think? if so, sorry F!

we ordered in from phillipine restaurant Ihawan2, my entree bbq pork with rice, very rich, very tasty and not spicy at all, i liked!

one of 2 appetizers we got, lumpiang shanghai, fried minced pork and shrimp springrolls, the other was fried squid (not very photogenical)

this is avocado con hielo: avocado, sugar, crushed ice and milk, soooo good! but not something i would have come up first hand with an avocado

the kitchen... i want the stove, i want the fridge, oh heck, i want the kitchen!!!

A & F's living room

the view, for this alone, but the kitchen as well?!?!? guys, do you need a live-in maid, or something? please?

took the train back to hotel. could be just my imagination but certain someone might have thought that it wasn't the correct form of transportation at that time of night, we got to hotel all well anyway

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