Aug 20, 2009

test harvest & more berries

some more pictures from the cottage. we decided to try and see if the parsnips had grown something else besides the stalk and leaves. that's little niece pulling one out

she got this tiny one, we left the rest to grown some more

there will be a lot of wild blueberries for mom to pick. little did i know, the link suggests that i call these berries bilberries, or european blueberries, but they are same genus vaccinium and taste exactly like the northern american wild blueberry, so blueberry is their name

curiously there were a few blueberries that were actually black

you should have seen her fingers and face a bit later...

the red dots are lingonberries

this here is another edible mushroom, pale-yellow clavaria flava, there was a whole lot of them, still quite small so we left them to grow as well

heather in pretty bloom

i'll be spending next week under the greek sun, tell you all about when i come back!


  1. The garden looks adorable! I live in NYC, so I'm always jealous of the people who can plant their own cute gardens. :)

  2. and i'm always jealous of people who get to live in NYC! wanna change? ;) if you have a chance to go to stone barns at blue hill on oct 3rd for the harvest fest, please go, they are selling tickets now. i will be in NYC at that time but not sure if i can get tickets...
    take care


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