Aug 17, 2009


pictures from the cottage, eventhough i'm back to work already. the berries are very bountifull this year. lingonberries are already turning bright red this early in august. didn't taste them yet, they'll be way too tart for my taste

these and loads more only 50 meters from the cottage

wild raspberries, the roadsides leading to cottage are filled with wild raspberry bushes. mom says they just pop up, especially where timber has been cut

we had a debate with the little niece as to what berry is the best, she voted for raspberry, i had to agree. a really ripe and juicy raspberry beats a strawberry any time, or blueberry for that matter

mom has been picking raspberries for a few weeks now, she's frozen them, made jams and juice, and there seems to be no end to them. i spent half an hour in the bushes, ate way too many berries and even when my stomach clearly indicated that i had enough, i just had to eat some more

little red ridinghood, aka little niece

who says you can't go out to play when it rains? it's all about the right garments

amanita muscaria looks quite cute but is poisonous. some say eating amanita will broaden your mind, but i say DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! you might pop your liver...

clearly, this doesn't have anything to do with red but i wanted to share my trick on how to keep avocado green in lunch box: criss-cross avocado with knife, lay it on a bed of salad (iceberg, arugula, parsley, cucumber, sunflower seeds) and squeeze juice of half a lemon on top. lemon juice keeps avocado from turning brown and you'll get tasty (and light!) dressing for the salad

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