Aug 16, 2009

lemon pork

at the cottage for a quick visit, the little niece came with me. mom had made another effort in project empty the freezer, pork sirloin (don't have martha's cooking school book with me to check if that piece of port is called sirloin or something else). my brother and nephew came for lunch as well. before i bring on the pork, let me intruduce my father's invention, the potato washer

you fill it with desired amount of potatoes (these came from mom's patch), stick the whole thing into the lake and shake it in the water

the motion of water will do the hard work for you

you get nice clean potatoes with minimum effort, nice job dad!

the pork will end up on top of these

first the pork got a layer of grainy dijon mustard & black pepper, then some very thin slices of lemon on top, some salt and sugar on top of the lemons. the oven bag needs to be tightly closed to keep all the moisture in. why lemon on pork? well, there just happened to be a lonely lemon in the fridge, mom had grated the peel for a sour lemon cake and there wasn't anything particular that the lemon would have been used for...

being baked in the oven of a woodburning stove

after 90 mins, all done, lemons were discarded, the meat thinly sliced

made another batch of slaw, this is the dressing to go with the slaw: sour cream, mayo, salt, pepper, sugar, white vinegar, dijon mustard and some chili powder

gabbage, carrots and spring onions

the kids love cucumbers with sugar. there was green salad with vinaigrette as well, but i thought that you might have seen a few green salads in your life and didn't take a picture of it

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