Aug 13, 2009

button mushroom pasta

went to the corner store yesterday to get something for lunch fully well remembering that i do have, still, some mushrooms in the freezer. but i could not resist these button mushrooms. confession is in order, i noticed they had just arrived and i went for a package way in the back ('cause that's were they put the fresh ones). i always do that, but is it wrong? i don't think so, why would i pay good money for something that is not in their prime. anyways, the mushrooms were so fresh that the stems didn't even need trimming

here is what was needed. i usually go for whole chicken breasts (no marinade, please!!), the meat is better, but i had this "chopped" chicken from earlier in the week. whole wheat pasta, it's not as pretty as the regular but so much better for you. and, what would button mushrooms be without lemon and parsley! got the cream just in case, maybe that was a mistake because now that i had it, i used it

all chopped up and ready to be fried, separately. there is one small yellow onion as well

first the mushrooms, they smelled so good, i could have eaten them straight from the pan

secret ingredient... i do not eat at that place very often but magically i always stock up on this pepper. it somehow tastes better than any black pepper i ever got from a store, wonder why?

simmering away

i admit, huge portion, but i did get tomorrow's lunch and then some out of. on hindsight, would have been a good idea to save some parsley to garnish, the taste was great, but the color had vanished a bit

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