Aug 19, 2009


i noticed today on martha stewart website a title memorykeeping and i immediately thought of the shadow boxes i made for the older niece couple of years ago.

i've made 2, one for london and one for NYC. couldn't find pictures of the london one, but here is the NYC. (FYI: i'm going there in october, yee!!! can you tell i'm ecstatic?)

i had to make this box out of 4mm birch plywood because ikea in finland had run out of shadow boxes, but as i was on a carpentry course at the time, it was no big deal. i spray-painted the box white and got glass cut to size to fit as sliding cover. i wallpapered the inside of the box with a map of NYC, made slots into it to insert ticket stubs, pictures, etc. i even build a stand for statue of liberty.

we were in NYC in oct 07 and i got tickets for us to go and see the martha show taping, another yee!!! i am quite pround of these boxes, if i may say so myself...

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