Aug 31, 2009

faliraki, GR

back to work and rain after a very sunny and hot week in faliraki on the isle of rhodes, greece. it seems that autumn creeped over in just a week, it's pouring down with rain and the leaves are turning yellow and eventhough the sun still shines some the wind has that chilly autumn feel to it. fortunately i like the rainy autumn nights!

this holiday was all about just getting away, having a break somewhere else. i had wanted to go to croatia in the spring and again in the summer, but sometimes certain someone needs time to process things, and that's why we ended up going only now and to faliraki. not complaining, just that you know...

we wanted sun, nice beds and good food and we got it. had we wanted to spend a somewhat more cultural holiday, faliraki wouldn't have been the right place, the village was built, way back when, just to serve tourism. the food... i ate octopus or kalamari 4 times during the week, i do like it!

this was grilled octopus at ilios taverna

pork gyros with metaxa sauce at the same taverna, certain someone ate this, but i had some to taste, the sauce was excellent

somewhat plain breakfast, but i did have a huge nectarine as well!

as a rule i don't drink, i know i keep saying this a lot, but i really don't. this drink, caipirinha, was probably the best ever, just the right balance of sugar, lime and booze... i would have drunk more had it not been for the alcohol in it! thank you taverna porto bello

porto bello had this huge wood burning oven, i so wanted to have pizza but pizza is such a no-no when there is octopus around

like this one!

greek salad is the same wherever you try one, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, green bell pepper, red onion and olives. this variant had dill and a pickled hot pepper, pepper was ok but dill... could be just me, but dill and cheese of any kind... well, maybe some actually likes it

this one, wow, maybe the best grilled kalamari ever, no kidding and it's a shame i forgot (already) the name of the taverna, sorry

certain someone's plate at the same taverna, chef's special, lamb, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, onions and loads of olive oil, very tasty as well

taverna kastri, went there twice, excellent food and convinient location. this was my plate and i really didn't feel like eating meat that evening, mixed grill for one. fortunately certain someone had sword fish and room for some of this

there were guys at the beach selling fruits and doughnuts. never have i tasted figs this fresh, sweet and ripe. figs we get in finland are a pale (and unripe) in comparison to this

or huge juicy nectarines

doughnuts! apple doughnuts, sugar doughnuts! there was this guy, he walked the lenght of the beach several times a day shouting just that, finally i had to buy one. he told that business was bad this summer, there were no tourists to buy his doughnuts. it's a hard living for him

inside of our sunshade at the beach, such interesting shapes. poor certain someone hit his head too many times on the metal rim of it...

view from the balcony of our room

isn't this so greek?! this was right up the hill from our hotel, i need to check the name of this chappell before i post it, stay tuned...

there were chillies growing all over like perennials, and basil too, not sure you could eat it, though, them growing right next to a busy road

took me days to notice that this was actually a banana tree. wonder how long it takes before someone nicks these in the dead of night

never have i seen anything like this, another thing i need to find a name to...

lovely shape, and color, of the urn

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