Sep 1, 2009

souvenirs & aftermath of sandy beach

do not like sand. especially not in my suitcase, nor my bathtub, on floors or toothbrush... i can certainly the see the joy on kids' faces when they play on a sandy beach and get all wet and gritty. but i have hard time believing i might have ever been one of those kids, maybe i should ask mom. i do remember quite many occasions were my brother or i fell down into something wet and icky. (i got slightly sidelined while typing this and checked if i might have obsessive compulsive disorder, which sounds like something i would have. but no, i think i just diagnosed myself as negative perfectionist, which seems to be not as bad as neurotic perfectionist. let me just quickly add, before you call a real doctor for me, that i read a book that deals with this kinda of issues... i'll get to that on a later date)

sandy beach, hmm. i did enjoy swimming in the sea, which was delightfully + 23C. i can't believe i used to go ice swimming as a kid, the water being +4C and outside temp sometimes as cold as -20C. anyways, i did like the sea and beach combo, i just didn't enjoy getting rid of all the sand that flew back home with me... not sure i should confess this to you all, not sure it's common practise, but i washed our shoes. with a brush and soap. you might now want to reconsider my earlier diagnosis...

lokoum which i know in this case can't possibly be turkish, but greek delight. i'm sure any turk would say it is fact turkish and greeks will have hugely different opinion on the matter. the taste of this particular sweet is, well very sweet. you can clearly taste the honey in it, and the almonds. what i find curious is the taste versus texture, something with such a strong taste of honey shouldn't be so chewy but smooth. it's so sweet that one piece is enough

this is some of the souvenirs we brought home

i did read a couple of books whilst laying on the beach. but those, among other books i've read lately, will be revealed on a later date

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