Dec 3, 2010

yet another bridge

i read about the williamsburg, brooklyn, restaurant marlow & sons about three years ago and i had wanted to go and eat there on previous visits, but something always came up. this time i finally made it there, only for lunch, but i made it. i took the train into the unchartered territory...the restaurant was pretty easy to find, even without a map.

the restaurant isn't much of a looker but i found it very charming nevertheless, and the staff was so friendly.

i had the best meal all week, panfried cod with watercress, jerusalem artichoke, apple & mushroom salad, lovely burst of flavors (i almost licked the plate...) the fish was cooked to perfection, crispy on top, but juicy, flaky inside.

they also do some baking on premises, i chose a chocolate chip cookie with just a tiny bit of fleur de sel on top as dessert. note to certain someone: we are coming to this place for dinner when in nyc next time.

i almost took the train back to manhattan, but found the walkway of the williamsburg bridge by accident and decided to walk back to manhattan.

the view from the bridge is pretty, even with the fencing disturbing it

the manhattan end of the bridge

since i deliberately missed the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree, i went thereabouts to at least take a picture of it. on the way, i came across these giant tree ornaments.

well, i got my picture of the tree, but the amount of people in and around the rockefeller center...let's just say i didn't stay there for long...

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