Nov 28, 2010

i'm in love!

i finally found what i have been looking for!

gotcha! those pink boots did catch my eye, but i fell in love with these... never did i think that pointy toe -boots could be so comfy. got these at stylish shoe corporation, which is run by a lovely couple, the staff was very nice and helpful, as well

i started yesterday in east village, in this candy heaven, economy candy

so many flavours!

i finally made my way to this famous location, katz's deli

i think i made the first timer's mistake of ordering too much, had a matzo ball soup and this enourmous pastrami sandwich. loved their mustard, but there was just too much meat

somehow i found myself in greenwich village, again, there was a fire on hudson. it looked like nobody was hurt, just a lot of smoke

pumpkin patch?

holiday market at union square

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