Nov 29, 2010


the dates on my posts seem to have a mind of their own, i thought i changed all relevant times...

anyways, today is sunday nov28 and i woke up real early and was on brooklyn bridge at 9am. never have i seen it so deserted, but i think i've never been there that early

after the bridge and breakfast at clark's restaurant, i walked the brooklyn promenade. this tree grows at the south end of the promenade

i took the train to park slope, where i met this charming dog

after some adventures and two trains i finally found junior's resturant on dekalb avenue and had this piece of apple crumble cheesecake

had to burn off some thta sheesecake by walking the manhattan bridge back to manhattan. not too many pedestrians on that bridge either. now i only have the williamsburg bridge to walk...maybe tomorrow?

this lady was doing her exercises in a sports shop window on broadway

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