Dec 2, 2010

wet day

the rain and gusty winds made today (wednesday,dec1) perfect for a visit to a museum, namely the cloisters. i have been there before, but that was close, or maybe over, 10 years ago. i'm not too much into the religious artifacts but i do like place and the calmness in there.

after cloisters it was time for lunch. i debated a long time whether i should go the spotted pig in west village or the delta grill on 9th Avenue at west 48th street...

delta grill won, beacause it was closer and i was getting really hungry. this was my first ever keylime pie, a very positive experience. now, where do i get keylimes in finland?

the heaviest downpour came while i was having lunch, how convinient!

there were lots of dead umbrellas around

the cloisters admission fee allows entry within the same day to the metropolitan museum of art as well. i wanted to go and see the exhibition of contemporary photography, but as my luck would have it, the museum closed right in front of my nose. that would be only the second time this week...tuesday i went all the way up to 103rd street ro visit the museum of the city of new york, only to find out that it had closed a half hour earlier.

to "punish" myself for not checking the hours beforehand, i decided to walk down madison avenue until i came across a restaurant where i would have my dinner...i ended up walking to 54th street (that would be close to 30 blocks) to burger heaven. this is the burger heaven burger and it was simply delicious, and no, i could not eat all the fries...

as another set of punishment i decided to walk back to the hotel, but this was only 15 blocks

almost fell in love again...what is it with pink shoes that always catch my eye?

not sure where these clouds of steam come from, but they make cool pictures, i think.

ps. today finally got hold of somebody at our national airline's US office. they first asked me if i wouldn't mind "few extra days"...gosh i was tempted! after some negotiation i got a flight for friday, which gives me one extra day. for those not in the know, the union for our airline's cabin crew members went on strike and hundreds of flights were cancelled, including mine for thursday.

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