Oct 6, 2010

nectarine pie, not for therapy

i happened on the taste of the taste kitchen blog a few days back, and saw pictures of a therapy pie. i was sold, had to bake it, soon. and i did, yesterday. you should, too. just don't burn your tongue with the steaming hot goodness!

there is a fat war going on in finland, animal fats versus vegetable fats, what is healthier and why, and whatnot. i have made my peace with fats, use very little when cooking, if at all, but will use the real stuff when baking, like here. oh, no, i didn't use all of that!

i don't like the packages of butter in finland, can't they understand the difficulties of measuring 227gr out of a 500gr package. butter people, sell you butter in sticks! (phew, that made me feel so much better)

i did, however, mess with the recipe a bit and replaced ½ a cup of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour (with visible grain particles)

was feeling lazy and used the machine

gosh, i should use it more often, didn't even break a sweat

spread out some cling film, makes rolling the dough, and clean-up, so much easier

packed well and refridgerated for an hour

rolled it out on the cling film

then placed the pan on the dough upside down, put my hand under the cling film and turned the whole thing over, ta-daa!

took the film out (you should do that, it might not survive the oven later on...) and placed the pan in the fridge while preparing the filling

i love the taste of peaches but the little furry stuff on the skins makes my lips feel funny, therefore i don't buy peaches but nectarines, they worked fine in this recipe

aren't you loving my mise en place?

mix well before placing on the cold dough, bake in 180C oven for 45 mins

i moved the pie to the bottom rack for the last 15 mins, and put the convection on as well. i think the whole wheat flour gave more texture to the crust.

the smell was amazing! and yes, i did burn my tongue!

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