Oct 6, 2010

my lamb stew

lamb...hmm, one of my gastronomical challenges as in i usually tell people i don't like lamb. however, we had some in the freezer (very organic, it used mown our neighour's lawn...) and it was time to make us of it.

cabbage is in season so it was a natural accompaniment for the lamb. doesn't look too pretty, but was very tasty!

bought a savoy cabbage thinking it might cook better in the oven. had some carrots and parsnips in the fridge, so threw some in, too. and few onions and couple cloves of garlic, as well.

did some deep digging in the fridge and found these, threw them as they were about to pass their prime.

my original idea was to have the cabbage in rather big chunks, but had to make them smaller in order to fit everything in the pot...

browned the meat on all sides, in butter

and this isn't everything i wanted to fit into the pot!

didn't want to waste this goodness, rinsed it with 1 cup boiling water and poured that into pot (more flavor)

see? i had to use brute force to make the lid fit...

placed the pot into 250C oven with convection on for half an hour, then took the convection off and lowered the temperature to 200C for another hour and a half. 1 tsp of maldon salt in the whole batch, no other spices, so tasty, but then i love the sweetness of root veggies. the lamb was falling off the bone and cabbage had gone all mushy...certain someone and i had very generous portions for dinner and there was leftovers for a couple of lunches for both of us...

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