Oct 9, 2010

exciting walk, for the dog

the weather this week has been very sunny and beautiful, that has made walking the dog more pleasurable than normal. the dog seems to enjoy the sunny weather, as well.

i usually take the what we call "the balkan route" (there is a building along the road that looks like it could be from the balkans, to us, maybe not for others...hence the name). that day we took a detour by a barrage where we met a white dog of unknown (to me) breed (but he looked cute!) the white dog was loose and friendly, at first...

the dogs were sniffing each other quite peacefully, for a moment (while i was getting out my camera) but then the white dog wasn't friendly anymore and we had to leave quite fast. fortunately the owner of the white dog dashed to the scene from the nearby strawberry field and was able to pick up the white dog so that we could move.

the dog is still a bit baffled here

the barrage doesn't look too solid, we will not detour this way any more

i can't get over these sunflowers...don't they know it's october! we'll have snow next week, or any day

after the sunflower fields there is a small wood thru which we walk along a trail. a horse had passed on the trail not too long before us, as there was a still steaming pile of something that the dog loves, and which i think is gross, but the dog eats it anyway...needless to say, the dog was ecstatic to have found some manure to munch on...but more excitement was coming his way...

...if you look at the left top corner, right of the window, you'll see...yes, a deer

the dog forze on his feet, didn't bugde, not even when this creature got closer and closer...

...and closer. after this picture, the deer took two steps and the the dog lost it. fortunately i had the leash tied to a belt (the picture on the bottom of the page) so i managed to remain standing

rest of the way home was (luckily) uneventful. back at the shack, as i went to pick some apples for apple sauce, this particular apple caught my attention. i first thought that certain someone had picked and stashed it, but closer inspection showed marks of tiny teeth...must be the pestering squirrel's...

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