Oct 3, 2010

dinner in 15

we were away for a night (tell you about that tomorrow) and there wasn't much at the shack to cook dinner with, therefore had to stop at the store on the way. i saw some fresh looking brussles sprouts, which i really don't like. what i mean, i really don't like them. i always try to be brave and have some anyway, because they are so good for you. so today, according to my twisted logic, i bought some with the intention to cook something "nice" with them...

as you can see, they needed a good wash and a trim

before deciding how to cook the sprouts, i consulted a couple of cookbooks. i ended up half steaming, half frying them. i also learned that the sprouts shouldn't be cooked too long, they get bitter (hence my dislike for sprouts).

first brought a cup of water to a boil, added the sprouts, and a blob of butter, to the boiling water, put the lid on and cooked on high for 10 mins...

...during which time the water evaporated and the sprouts got lovely color. i then added 1 tbps of balsamic vinegar and black pepper, shook the pan a bit to mix the flavours

served the sprouts with teriyaki salmon, which took all of 10 mins to cook. as usual, there was no salt added, but i did put some soya sauce on the salmon. i just might have to buy sprouts again, while they are in season, this was good!

this truly took only 15 mins to cook, both the sprouts and salmon took 10 mins and while they are cooking there is time to slice and dice some greens and cukes and tomatoes for a salad

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