Aug 8, 2010

salmon, whacked potatoes & crunchy salad with asian dressing

i spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen on friday, and why not, it was too hot to spend all day on the deck (and luring another migraine attack).

teriyaki salmon

i started this one already in the morning, cut the salmon filee into pieces...

...took out the favourite marinade ingredients, teriyaki & sesame oil

perfect size dish for this bunch. put the cover on and placed in the fridge for a few hours (even overnight is good)

i was tempted to taste it already after few minutes in marinade

placed them on a very hot pan few a couple on minutes on the flesh side, then flipped them over (carefully) and turned off the heat

crunchy salad

inspiration for this is from one of jamie oliver's naked chef cookbooks. i used cabbage, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, zucchini, onions, daikon radish (valkoinen retikka in finnish), chili and chinese cabbage

by now, you all know how this is done...

nest, the chinese got same treatment

for the zucchini and daikon i got my mandoline out (no chipped fingernails, this time)

onions went in next

for the chili i wear a glove, have to, my eyes would suffer if i didn't

drained the bean sprouts and water chestnuts, added them and mixed well and placed in the fridge while...

...i started the

asian dressing

this one is very close to jamie oliver's recipe i posted some time ago. starts with very thinly sliced glove of garlic

and ginger (what did you think this was?!?)

grated some of the ginger and then went rachel ray on rest of it. placed it in a resealable plastic bag and stored it in the freezer (it will keep for longer and is easy to grate)

used part of the chili for the dressing, all the aromatics in a jar

other ingredients were brown sugar, soya sauce, sesame oil, rapeseed oil and lime juice

measuring the soya sauce last

the dressing is done and into the fridge it went

whacked potatoes

i had thought of cooking some rice with the salmon but as i had some boiled potatoes laying around in the fridge i decided to use them before they went bad. gave them a good whack with the knife

cooked them on a medium hot pan in rapeseed oil, with loads of crushed black pepper and some parsley. PW makes potatoes in a similar fashion but in the oven

my dinner

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