Aug 11, 2010

pasta with zucchini & tomatoes

after the second day back to work last week i decided that i really need to start making lunch to go as there is no canteen and sometimes it's hard to go and get something. there is a deli-type counter in a grocery store near by, but that requires getting out.

i dug the cupboards at the apartment and found these

i had these sad looking plum-tomatoes in the fridge, but run across the street for the zucchini and chives

sliced the zucchini quite thinly, heated up some olive oil on high heat and browned the zucchini a bit before adding the cubed tomatoes and turning off the heat. the tomatoes don't really need to cook, just get warmish.

(you do know that you're supposed to remove the core and tough white fiberous part inside the tomato? well, you should 'cause that's where the amoeba least that's what a nurse told to my group before going to croatia in -97, among other things. she said washing the tomatoes wasn't enough to get rid of the amoeba, if there was one. ever since, and every time and i mean every time, i've handled tomatoes i have removed the core and the white fibrous part, also from the occasional tomatoes i have managed to grow myself. i so don't want a pet amoeba)

to the pan i added the cooked penne, minced chives and some tarragon and mixed well

plated one portion and ground plenty of black pepper on top

although it smelled and looked good enough to eat as was, i remembered that i had some mozzarella in the fridge, sliced some of it on top (and ate also the second portion that was supposed to be my lunch the next day...)

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