Aug 8, 2010

iceberg vedgies with buttermilk dressing

so, yesterday was a hot, humid and busy day (at work). when i got home around midnight, the weather was balmy and very unlike finland, i had to sit on my balcony for a while and not bother to blog, sorry.

but here comes, one of friday's dishes, from martha stewart living, iceberg vedgies with buttermilk dressing. i only took small liberties with the recipe and as i sometimes don't like tomatoes, i left them out, and replaced the shallot with a very small white onion

not sure if other people collect the recipe cards, however, i find them useful as inspiration

the ingredients

this being a martha recipe, i made sure the measurements were accurate, sort of

the chives in the garden are gone (hot & dry summer) so i used the green part of green onion instead

measuring the lemon juice

the amount of salt made me gasp, almost couldn't add all that (on hindsight, i shouldn't have, but if you normally use salt in cooking, maybe this much is ok)

celery salt (yep, salt in here as well)

all mixed in a jar

had to add some nutritional value with low fat cottage cheese

dried rye bread to go with

i never drink buttermilk (we buy it for the dog!) so i wasn't sure this dressing was going to taste "nice". i did, and i will make it again, just with a lot less salt

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