Aug 9, 2010

onion tarts

these are friday's concoctions as i mentioned earlier i was browsing thru the binder where i store martha stewart living recipes and spotted a recipe for caramelized onion tart with olives and decided to go with it.

i had originally thought of making "suzanna's onion tart" (suzanna being my landlady in another life many many years ago. she was from argentina and a very sweet lady. occasionally, when i had been doing what i shouldn't have been doing way too late (or early) and was suffering the next morning (ok, being very hung-over). she spotted that, made me drink a little fernet branka, sent me sleeping it off and told me to come and clean the next day)

her onion tart calls for these big sweet onions. so why did i end up using martha's recipe? well, the book where i started collecting recipes (writing them down by hand) all those years ago has gone missing!

i think i should say i used martha's recipe more as an inspiration rather than in any attempt to follow it to the letter (do i ever do that?)

halved and sliced the onion and started sauteeing them...that took approx 40 mins on low heat

i had these buff pastry sheets from xmas (eeks!) in the freezer. slowly but surely the freezer is starting look emptier...

the onions at around 25 mins

took out a cookie cutter and made impressions on the sheet in an attempt to allow the edges to raise higher

tried to make the cuts only half way thru

kalamata olives, pitted and halved

egg-washed the pastry sheets before placing a tbsp of the onions and 2 olive halves on top

one thing i forgot and would have made a difference, was was in the recipe and i had it out on the counter...well, can't win them all

this batch made 20 and they disappeared frightfully fast

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