Mar 23, 2010

spinach soup

the soup-lady is back... had some fresh spinach left over from the weekend and i figured that spinach soup could be done one handed. here's what went in:

250 gr fresh spinach, wilted
2 tbsp butter / margarin/ oil
3 tbsp all purpose flour
1 onion, finely chopped
10cm leek (optional), chopped
2 dl cream (i used 2% cooking cream)
100 gr cream cheese
6 to 7 dl boiling water
white pepper, grated nutmed (and salt) to taste
4 boiled eggs (optional)
serves 4

this much spinach took a boiling-hot 2 minute bath...

...and only this much came out, left it in the colander to drain

leek is really optional. i used it only because i had a long one that almost didn't fit into the fridge. so i cut some off and instead of throwing it away, decided to make use of it by addind it to the soup

hint, if you're chopping an onion with just one hand, use a big cutting board. the animal hoover at the shack doesn't seem to eat raw onion (almost anything else food-related goes) so i had to pick up the fallen pieces myself

on medium heat, heat up the fat, add leek and onion, sautee for a couple of minutes, until the onion is translucent

add the flour and sautee for 3 more minutes

pour in 4 dl of boiling water while mixing well (let me tell you, this wasn't easy). once you get kinda smooth mixture, add the cream, cream cheese and spinach and your immersion blender...

and keep blending until the soup is smooth. but, do NOT pull up the blender while it's still on! unless, of course, you enjoy cleaning your kitchen walls off green goo

i had some for lunch with a boiled egg

ps. wellcome, johanna!

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