Mar 27, 2010

pretty things & something to eat, and wear

for thursday we only had a short to-do list, one place on the list was vitikkalan kartano. it's one of those places where you'd be better off if you left all your money home... the building itself used to be a manor and underwent a complete renovation some years ago

one end of the manor is cafe

the other end is filled with pretty things. things that you never wanted until you saw them, like this sauce vessel. i didn't even dare to look at the price

and these urns, how very martha stewart!

this was probably my favourite item, like the idea of a mini greenhouse

they also sell french bistro style porcelaine, cutlery, linens, furniture

littlest niece and i fell in love with these!

more of the cafe part of the manor

we were there right after opening at 10 am. they had just pulled these out of their oven and the smell was amazing... we got 3 for dessert. third one was for my brother who was working from home that day. these were so good, probably had something to do with the amount of sugar and butter on them...

for dinner i baked some chicken pasta with curry. boiled the whole package of pasta, browned the chicken (cut to 4 cm strips), mixed curry paste (mild for the kids) and cream and poured the mixture into chicken. then put approx half of pasta to an oven dish, placed the chicken evenly on top, added the remaining pasta and poured the curry flavoured pasta evenly on the whole thing. there was some grated emmental in the fridge so i put some on half of the dish (sometimes melted cheese seems to be an issue with kids), then baked it in 200C oven for 20 mins

forgot to take a pic of the plated portion...

...that i served with broccoli with sesame oil, sesame seeds and soya sauce. not a huge hit with the kids... this is even better with minced fresh chili in it

my sister in law is a physiotherapist and has some private patiens as well. this chair is divine... it kneads, taps and rolls and what not your back

already before my surgery i tried to find a piece of clothing that would be easy, and warm to wear, something like a poncho. it was too late in the game to knit one, so i went shopping and didn't quite find what i was looking for. but, on thursday, when walking towards the manor we run into an old friend of mine who runs a fabric store. we caught up and out of a whim i asked her if her seamstresses sew clothing (i knew they do curtains and upholstery) and told her what i had in mind. she tought for a second and said "i guess that could be done". i went in later on thursday to pick up the fabric and on friday noon they had done this!

so very easy to put on, warm enough for this time of year, works equally well in autumn. and i guess i could say i sort of designed it... thanks for elina for sewing, though!

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