Mar 22, 2010

snow's a powerful thing

yesterday was a dark and grey day, despite the forecast which said it'd be sunny. well, it's a wonderful, bright, sunny morning today, and i gotta go and run some errands... and not enjoy it sitting outside and maybe getting some more freckles on my nose.

anyways, despite the gloomy weather yesterday i ventured out for a walk with certain someone and the dog. i did wear those studded thingies on my shoes to be able to walk on the icy road.

about one km down the road from the shack we saw this. unfortunately, the roof falling in because of all the snow on it, wasn't a surprise to us, nor to several others in the neighbourhood. the owner was told this would happen, obviously it's his property and he does (or rather doesn't!) anything he wants with it

this is how it looked only a month ago (pic from my feb 19th entry)

just before my surgery i went and bought a new lens (50mm 1:1.4) for my bigger camera (nikon D80). i'm anxious to get rid of this big cast and try the lens out and about, for now i've just been shooting the dog with auto focus. the dog seems to have outgrown his fear of cameras and nowadays let's me get pretty close with one...

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