Mar 24, 2010

easter preparations

i took a drive to my brother's house yesterday, had to get moving about, a week laying around watching tv was enough...

littlest niece and i started the day by making a to-do list, she did the writing. she starts school in the autumn

then we took out eggs, feathers, pipe-cleaners, tools...

...and twigs of catkins

if you look really close, there is already some green in there!

those of you not aware of finnish easter traditions, these decorated twigs are needed on palm sunday when kids dress up as witches and go, well, trick or treating -type thingy around their neighbourhoods, they ring the door, say a specific verse, get candy and give out these twigs in return

we also planted some grass, another easter tradition. later when it's starting to green, we placed easter decorations on it

eventhough changing the bandage wasn't on the list, my little nurse did it anyway

not quite sure how long i can look at this shade of green... it's kinda bright

in the afternoon littlest niece took me to a walk, we took snacks with us

despite the cold temperatures (-10C this morning) at night, sunny days help the spring along

by the end of our walk we had to take a short-cut, i was beaten, the last km to my brother's house is uphill. the short-cut took us to a ski- / nordic walking track. they have instructions as to streching before the exercise

when we finally arrived at my brother's house, littlest niece was late for her bailatino class... and i made another soup!

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