Feb 3, 2010

winter, slippery roads?

i realized that i like snow. now that enough years have passed since my janitor days. back then snow was the enemy that made get up at 4.30 just to see if any had fallen during the night. oh, how i hated those mornings, especially if the bar tour had ended only an hour before... on the other hand, i've never been more fit in my life so that's in a kinda roundabout way why i like snow today. so i'm happy we have lots of snow this winter. you're supposed to have snow in the winter, right?

on sunday, while the roast was in the oven, i cooked up this lentil dish. as it was already 3 days i can't remember exactly what went in, sorry. i did soak the green lentils for about 2 hrs before cooking them with 2 gloves of minced garlic, some garam masala, turmeric and jeera. when the lentils were starting to get soft (approx 30 mins), i added 1 peeled and cubed potato and 2 dl coconut milk. simmered for another 15 mins and added 150 gr frozen spinach, mixed well and squirted in 1 tsp of sriracha (tabasco would work as well), turned of the heat and let the pot sit on warm stove.

certain someone isn't a big fan of lentils (especially chickpeas) but he did taste some of this. his verdict was "tastes like chickpeas", which i guess was his polite version of saying he didn't like it. i did and this was my lunch on tuesday

neighbour's dog is very old, i mean old, deaf and on heat. the dog is neutered but seemingly has some prehistoric instincts on what should be done with a bitch (is there a nicer word?) on heat... i'll spare you the details. here they are just playing...

ouch! someone obviously forgot what snow and freezing temps do to road surfaces...

drive safe!

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  1. I'm getting a bit fed up with the snow too......!
    A really interesting post.
    I'm afraid I do not love lentils.......
    but wish I did.


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