Feb 1, 2010

winter scenes at cottage

no food on this entry (not that i didn't cook and bake at the cottage), but i thought i'd share some of the winter scenes with you.

the lake looks so serene at -23C temperature

juniper berries

sun was shining at an angle that made it look like there is a lit candle inside. mom and dad make these lanterns by freezing water in big buckets and pails

had the littlest niece with me at the cottage. despite the below -20C temps we had some winter fun

little niece's idea of fun was to end up in the ditch

mom showed us how it's done

what can i say, she's a little monkey face

got a tripod for my camera at xmas, had to try it out with the lanterns

on our way back to town, on top of the hill on our little road, mom shouts "moose!" from the back seat. stopped the car, dug out my camera and got out. there were 4 of them but by the time i had gone out, some had managed to hide behind the trees

that's moose alright! there was a mention of next hunting season and how there'd actually be something to hunt this year, after which little niece quite firmly said "you shouldn't kill animals". brother, will you please explain this to her?

i do love the frosty scenery we've been having this winter, quite rare for it to last weeks on end

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