Feb 6, 2010

lahey's pizza

originally i had decided to bake monika's rosemary garlic and sundried tomato bread this weekend, but then certain someone asked for pizza... sorry monika, will try your bread later.

i have tried quite a many pizza dough recipes, so far anna olson's has been the best. i did, however, buy jim lahey's my bread not too long ago and decided to give his basic pizza dough recipe a try. after reading so many bread "bibles" and all of those stressing the importance of weighing the ingredients...

i did something i've never done in my life, weight the flour. it would have been asking too much to follow the recipe to a tee, so i used bread flour instead of all purpose

mixed the dry first, then added room temp water. will not give the recipe since i couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. it might be, and if you search for it, this is not lahey's no-knead recipe that comes up first

tried my best to get the mixing done with just wooden spoon...

... but had to get my hand dirty...

... before i got this smooth ball...

... that was proofing in there for a couple of hours

meanwhile, and this is lahey's idea as well, i was slicing button mushrooms extra thin with my mandoline. lahey's mushroom pizza calls for, obviously, mushrooms and onions, both very thinly sliced, thyme and olive oil. didn't have fresh thyme so i used dried basil instead

see, very thin

after proofing the dough was surprisingly easy to handle. i had almost forgotten that i have these pizza pans. with the pans and the oven cranked as hot as it would get...

... i got pretty decent pizzas. pepperoni, mozzarella and tomaron on the left, mushrooms, onion and olives on the right...

... pepperoni, mozzarella, olives, tomato and prociutto crudo

i was especially happy about how the crust turned out, crisp and chewy

any bets as to how long my camera will last in the kitchen with me?

ps. i double checked to find lahey's recipe, it's there but not by him. it's on someone's blog and as i'm not sure lahey has published it on the internet...i'm not going to share it here, i feel it's not fair

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