Feb 1, 2010

sunday roast with oven veggies

certain someone hunts himself but this roast came from one his friends whose feezer is fuller than ours... we'll get back to the meat later on.

here is what went into the oven with an eggplant that didn't make the picture

give your garlic good whack

on hindsight, a bigger dish might have worked better

but there they are, all in a merry mix, seasoned with 2 tbsp of vegetable oil and 1 tsp dried thyme

60 mins in 200C oven. the meat was done approx 15 mins before the veggies. as i wasn't making any sauce, poured the meat juices into the veggie mix

the roast of white-tailed deer got dried thyme and a rare spray of salt on top and 4 shallots and 2 carrots under. cooked it in 200C oven until meat thermometer showed 75C, for about 40 mins and let rest covered in foil for 20 mins

cream sauce with lots of black pepper from the pan juices would have worked well, though we didn't miss it

my portion plated, the meat is equally good, dare i say even better, cold on rye bread

didn't use a roasting bag, will definitely remember it next time, i so do not enjoy scrubbing the oven. i haven't found a decent oven cleaner in over 10 yrs. i used to get some from a neighbour who used to get it from her work, it was great and got rid of everything with minimal scrubbing. but then i moved and run out of the stuff in no time. on the other hand, had i known what was in it... would i have used it... not sure...

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