Nov 3, 2009

slow day

for some strange reason it was particularly difficult to get up this morning. in my opinion, getting up in the morning is the most difficult task of the day. has been that way all my life, my parents will attest to that and i'm sure that if i'm ever in old folks home, nurses will have hard time getting me up for lunch.

so, as it was so hard to get up, it was kinda late when i finally managed to get it done, certain someone wanted lunch at that time. lucky for me, there was still plenty of pea soup and because of the soup, there really was no reason to cook, therefore, there really wasn't anything to do for today (garden screams of neglect, firewood needs to be chopped, you name it... =boring) and as i had promised a soup delivery to certain someone's mom, i possibly couldn't start anything before that...

and, look at the dog, if he's feeling that lazy, why can't i?

after delivering the soup, i went to a new supermarket for grocery shopping (remember the onion incident?). it's one of the main chain stores and basically all stores are identical, but not quite. don't like it when i have to look for things (not that i was in a hurry), first to see what they have and where, then figure out what to get. in a familiar store i know where my things are and i (usually) don't come home with too many "extras".

further! why is it that milk is always in the furthest corner?? oh, i know, i went to a school where they tought me that! that's because they want you to buy more than just the milk you needed...

did take the dog out for a walk, today he got 8+ for his behaviour. that's amazing considering he only got 4+ yesterday. it's not that the dog is stupid, but behaviourally challenged. like, he's been ringing the doorbell for the last half hour (and making me mad) wanting to come in. i will let him in, eventually, when he stops ringing it...

hmm, somehow i just started feeling like baking an apple pie... it's too dark outside to go and get the few apples we got this fall... maybe, if i still have this feeling in the morning, i'll bake a pie tomorrow before work

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