Nov 4, 2009

omelett, pie & pasta

tried to out-do myself today and almost, well, i was late for work (don't tell the boss). was still feeling like baking a pie in the morning, but as it was cold outside (and i was only a tiny bit lazy right that moment and didn't feel like going out to get apples) and we do have plenty of blueberries in the freezer, so apple pie became blueberry pie.

thanks mom for these blueberries

used store bought dough, had one in the freezer (have to use it some day anyway and will make dough myself for next pie). don't know why the dough is rectangular, though, don't most people bake round pies?

thought of using klingfilm in order not to get my hands in the dough, but you know what? don't do this, it's too fussy and the old "get your hands dirty" works much better

did use my silicon pastry roller (used a drinking glass before i absolutely had to have this roller)

there is approx 3 dl blueberries, 3 tbsp of sugar and 1 tbsp of cornstarch, all in a merry mix

baked it in 200C for 30 mins, at 20 mins the edges started to get dark so i wrapped foil around the edge for the last 10 mins

wished i had some vanilla ice-cream or custard to go with it

in the middle of pie baking i got super-hungry, fortunately there was some ham in the fridge so i quickly whipped up an omelett

started by slightly browning the ham and then pouring in the eggs

perhaps not martha-perfect but i was hungry, and i always have chili powder on my omelett

after i dealt with the hunger, i started on my dinner (and lunch for tomorrow to take to work). had this pappardelle pasta that needed to be used, would have preferred whole wheat...

i know, i know, i make this pasta all the time, but i like it! (and it's easy...)you'll need cold smoked salmon, cream (as light or heavy as you prefer) and leeks

this is the reason why you should always wash your leeks

salmon came sliced so i just chopped it roughly, leeks got a more thorough chopping

start by sauteing leeks in 2 tbsp of oil (i had rapeseed) for a minute on medium heat, then add some all purpose flour, continue sauteeing for a couple of minutes more before adding the cream, mix well

cook on medium for approx 5 mins to thicken the sauce and to get rid of that raw flour taste (you might have to add some hot water from the pasta kettle if the sauce gets too thick)

turn off the heat but leave pan on stove, mix in the salmon

at this point i added about 1 dl of pasta water

ladleling the pappardelle into sauce

season generously with black pepper

mix again... if i'd eaten this right away, the sauce would have been fine, but as i was taking it to work, i added another dl of pasta water knowing that pappardelle would soak up all excess liquid (and it did)

my dinner tonight at work. as usual, there was no salt at any point (salmon has salt in it), but i did season my portion with 1 tbsp of soya-sauce (just love salmon with soya-sauce)

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