Nov 7, 2009

noodles w. shrimp & broccoli

it was dark already when i left work, it had been dark when i went there in the morning... weather wasn't doing anything to brighten things up and then i get sms from canary island's saying the sun is shining, it's almost 30C by the pool, drinks are nice and cool...c'mon, that's not fair!

was kinda hungry when i finally got to the shack. no one had boiled any potatoes while i was gone... so i needed to figure out what to whip up quickly. there were some noodles in the pantry, shrimp and broccoli in the freezer and some ginger in the fridge, so i thought i'd go east...suppose this isn't thai nor chinese but something from around that part of the world

started with regular noodles. you could use any type you have, according to package directions this serves 2 (these were almost the last "white" noodles left, will buy only soba or other whole wheat from now on)

broccoli & shrimp thawing

needed some zen so i minced the ginger (yes, something needs to be done with the cutting board, any ideas?)

julienned one carrot, that's one minced glove of garlic with the minced ginger

ingredients: 2 dl broccoli, 1½ dl shrimp, 1 carrot, 1 glove of garlic, 4 cm piece of ginger

sauce: 1 tbsp soya sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp pad thai sauce (hoisin sauce would work equally well) and 1 tsp chili oil (or none at all, if spicy isn't your thing)

first cooked the noodles (in the wok i prepared the rest of the dish), save some of the cooking water to thin out the sauce

measured (hmm, i never do that!) 1 tbsp rapeseed oil to wok, sauteed garlic and ginger in it for a minute, added julienned carrots for another minute, used my hackman wok (the one in the link is newer version of mine)

added broccolli

then shrimp

cooked noodles and sauce

all mixed


this took 20 mins to prepare, that's only because i used knife to mince and julienne, you could get that done faster with a box grater or microplane. i like my veggies with some bite so they really don't need to cook longer than a minute or two. the sauce then, happened to have those bottles in the fridge, you could use lemongrass paste, green or red curry paste, sweet chili sauce, you could go all veggie (those frozen wok mixes are nice) or use chicken/beef/pork instead of shrimp.

heidi has asked for proper recipes, sorry, i seldom use a recipe, most often just freefall with what i happen to have around...

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