Nov 5, 2009

quick salad

looks like winter finally came to southern finland, luckily i already have winter tyres on my car. looks like we'll be getting more snow during the night, oh well, it's only winter.

got a craving for pasta salad this morning. used torino rye pasta, that has loads of fiber in it and takes only 6 mins to cook. other ingredients were: 10cm of leek chopped quite fine, one coarsly grated carrot, half an iceberg lettuce chopped roughly, 10cm of cucumber chopped to 1cm cubes, 1½ dl sweet corn from can and salami-type sausage (mine was ultra-light at 9% fat, which is not light per se...) but you could use chicken, cheese, beans, ham, shrimps, etc, or nothing else!

dressing was made of 2 tbsp of rapeseed oil and 2 tbsp of apple vinegar. this will be enough for dinner, and snack at work (another evening shift today)

have you ever noticed that full moon does funny things to some people?

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