Jun 25, 2009

fish, fish, fish

this is how the fishing is done, on a relatively nice day. mom rows and dad tackles the nets. this past week has been super good, there's been almost too much fish

these here are whitefish



another whitefish

filees of perch, fried in butter, seasoned with just salt

grav whitefish, delicious!

i'm not done with the fish, yet. this is another version of zander in salt crust, this time there were 2 whitefish under as well

ready to be served, you'll only need nice rye bread or new potatoes to go with

there was so much whitefish that dad decided to smoke some, before going into the smoker

all fired up

all done, still in the smoke


my dad salts the fish only after smoking. there are differences in opinions as to how one should smoke fish. i know that dad uses alder shavings and sugar on the bottom of the smoker. some salt the fish before smoking, some smoke the fish right after cleaning, some let the "cure" for a few hours in the fridge.

i got to take some of the smoked fish with me. however, there is a limit on how much i can eat fish, no matter how good it is. guys at work were happy to get some change in the canteen food that they usually eat...

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