Jun 20, 2009

jansson's temptation, another brown butter tart

jansson's temptation isn't particularly a summer dish as it involves an oven, but what the heck, it's cold outside so little extra heat in the house is a good thing!

first some flowers, this is juhannusruusu, midsummer rose, rosa pimpinellifolia 'plena'. beautiful white flowers just in time for midsummer.

this is, or will be, the lovely pink peony

another slaw, this time i used cabbage, carrots, celery, spring onions and sunflower seeds, which add a nice bite

dressing was made of sour cream and mayo, plus some white pepper and salt, always good

another all time favourite warm german potato salad. it's good also the next day, in case midsummer made you hung over...

this is what you need for jansson's temptation, those are anchovies in the small bowl. the dish itself started out as "night food" and there are disputes as to who and where it originated, the US or sweden. there are not many occasions where i would side with the swedes, but this makes an exception

start by coarsly grating approx 1 kg potatoes, chopping one yellow onion, opening a tin of anchovies. place half of the potatoes on a baking dish, spread the chopped onion on top, add the anchovies, rest of the potatoes, pour the liquid of anchovies and 3 dl cream onto potatoes. i don't add any salt because you never know how salty the fish will be, sometimes (=when i remember) i put some white pepper in. bake in 200C oven for approx 40 to 60 mins, you'll need to taste the potatoes for doneness

this dish demands pickled beets, these are last year's crop from cottage

i've gotten hooked with the brown butter tart i've mentioned earlier. tried another version with nectarines, very nice. the nectarines have just a bit of tartness in them, goes well with the sweetness of the pastry and brown butter topping

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