Jun 25, 2009

is summer finally here?

i spent a few days at the cottage during the week with the kids. the weather finally turned warmer, the lake is still only +13C which is way too cold to swim in. but it's never (well, almost never) too cold for sauna, which you can see here

mom has a vegetable garden, not a big one, but she has. not like me, i'm still waiting for mine, snif. these here are potatoes, ways to go before they can be enjoyed. the lake seems to hinder growth in spring and early summer, on the other hand, it keeps frost away longer in autumn

tiny potato

regular salad

mom likes to thrust the stubbs of store bought salads into the soil to see if anything comes up... this romaine thought that it might be a good idea to grow some more

lingonberry seems to grow in curious plases

i thought the water was too cold, despite the sunshine!

the girls didn't seem to think so...

she so likes watermelon

the older niece is very handy with her, well, hands. she made this for the little one after sauna. she had such nice curls the next day

the older niece will be 15 in just a few days. she had some of her friends over, theme for the party was the 70s. this dress was my mom's. mom now thinks that it is way too short and thight, and does not understand how she could ever wear it in public

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